Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Accounting and Assurance


报告题目:Blockchain and Smart Contracts in Accounting and Assurance


报告时间:2018418日(周三)上午 1000 1130



Since 2009, blockchain has served as a potentially transformative information technology expected to be as revolutionary as the Internet. Originally developed as a methodology to record crypto-currency transactions, blockchains functionality has evolved into a large number of applications such as banking, financial markets, insurance, voting systems, leasing contracts, and government service. Despite such advancements, the application of blockchain to accounting and assurance remains under-explored. This talk aims to provide insights on how blockchain, as well as associated smart contracts, could enable a real-time, verifiable, and transparent accounting ecosystem. Additionally, blockchain and smart contracts have potential to transform current auditing practices resulting in a more precise and timely automatic assurance system.

Main content:

Intro to blockchain and smart contracts

Towards blockchain-based accounting and assurance



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