China’s Trade Strategy from a Perspective of Big Power’s Economic Diplomacy


讲座主题 Topic:China’s Trade Strategy from a Perspective of Big Power’s Economic Diplomacy

讲座时间 Seminar time:June 9, 2022 (Thursday) 16:00 - 18:30 

讲座在线平台 Seminar platform:Tencent meeting #Tencent会议:482-207-822

主讲人 Speaker:Prof. Dr. Wang Hongyu

讲座摘要 Seminar Abstract:

  1. How to understand Big Power’s Economic Diplomacy?

  2. China-US-EU triangle trade relations.

  3. China’s strategy towards the US and the EU

主讲人信息 Speaker's Info:

      Dr. Hongyu Wang holds a BA in politics, a MA in administration and a PhD in Political Science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium, together with a PhD in International Relations from Renmin University of China (RUC). Currently, Dr. Wang is aprofessor, PhD students’ supervisor and the director of the Centre for Economic Diplomacy at the School of International Relations (SIR) at University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) in Beijing, China. Dr. Wang holds the Vice Secretary General of Chinese Association of Economic Diplomacy. He also affiliates with the Institute for European Studies (IES) and the Department of Political Science at VUB as a senior associate researcher. Dr. Wang published dozens of books, book chapters, and journal articles on China economic diplomacy and EU politics. He leads several research programs funded by Chinese government and his university. His research fields include Chinese economic diplomacy, European studies, international political economy, policy networks, and EU-China relations.



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