Smart Soft Robotics(智能软体机器人)


报告题目Smart Soft Robotics(智能软体机器人)






陈永华教授,英国利物浦大学博士,现任香港大学机械工程系副教授。陈永华教授共同撰写了250余篇期刊和会议论文,2本书和5项专利。陈永华教授至今共组织10余场智能制造和机器人技术的国际会议,担任Biofabrication, Bio-Design and Manufacture等多个国际期刊的编委,担任中国机械工程协会生物制造工程分会常务理事。目前他主要从事用于智能App机器人的研究。



Robots have been with us for more than fifty years. However, such robots are mainly installed in segregated industrial environments performing well structured mundane jobs. With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, there is a strong desire to develop service robots that can be safely placed in a home environment as a companion or assistant for humans. Soft Robots, a recent concept in the robotic research field, have the potential for service robot development as they are highly compliant and adaptable to the environment, thus safe to interact with humans. However, soft robots are still in their infancy, further development of soft robotics faces challenges such as: 1) inability to offer high stiffness/strength as rigid bodied robots do due to the highly deformable, less rigid materials that they are made of; 2) lack of integrated, low cost and robust sensors; 3) lack of rapid, automatic and inexpensive fabrication methods. This talk will provide a general introduction of current development in soft robots. New insight into the development of smart soft robots such as controllable soft robots, and mobile soft robots will also be presented.



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